Business model development and analysis

Examples of our latest projects:

  • Enterprise Estonia business model practical training (newer)

Client: Enterprise Estonia

A practical program that combines group trainings and mentoring targeted to exporting companies. As a result participants will have altered their business models or generated an entirely new one including prognoses for sales, profit and balance plus a step-by-step plan how to achieve all they have planned.

Our role: project management, finding participants, coordinating trainings and mentoring.

  • Enterprise Estonia Business Mentoring Program for starting companies

Client: Enterprise Estonia

A program during which 50 starting mentees get a personal mentor (a much achieved and active entrepreneur). Business Model is one focus of this program.

Our role: finding participants and managing the whole mentoring project, training and other activities that were included in the program. Subjects of workshops: business model, strategy, sales, marketing, product development etc.

  • Enterprise Estonia business model practical training (earlier)

Client: Enterprise Estonia

We ran practical business model training sessions for Enterprise Estonia, in collaboration with trainers from Business Models Inc. The program consisted of training sessions, company visits, coaching and a study trip.

Our role: preparing the training program in collaboration with Business Models Inc. experts, project management.

  • Smart-up Georgia (an Estonian-Georgian cooperation project)

Client: BDA generated a cooperation project between us and 15 Georgian universities. Project was funded by Estonian Foreign Ministry.

We carried through a nation-wide entrepreneurship competition during which we gathered together a pool of innovative business ideas generated by georgian youngsters. Through the project we mentored and trained them test and carry through their ideas and plans. Find out more: 

Our role: concept and executing

  • Strategy and Business Model of Mäetaguse Tourism Center

Client: Mäetaguse Parish

We helped them compile a development strategy and action plan to cover a period until 2020.  While doing that we also consulted the parish in generating business model and service design principles for Mäetaguse Manor. 

Our role: strategy and business model consulting

  • Enterprise Estonias base training for new entrepreneurs

Client: Enterprise Estonia

We are conducting a substantial training program for new entrepreneurs in collaboration with Enterprise Estonia. The training program deals with business model development. We will carry out 28 – 30 training sessions in all 15 counties in Estonia, and talk to 600 new entrepreneurs about starting a business.

Our role: preparing the training program, coordinating the work of trainers, managing the program.

  • Business Model trainings for a Mentors club

Client: Tuuru Foundation

Carrying through business model trainings for the members of the mentor club.

Our role: training

  • Business Model innovation trainings for an industrial company

Client: Estonian company

The aim was to find new ideas and strengthen the business model. While doing that we covered all the parts of a business model (following the canvas) and mapped them. We generated and tested new ideas, evaluated the company’s strengths and weaknesses, made an action plan.

Our role: training

  • Enterprise Estonia product development master class

Client: Enterprise Estonia

We carried out a development program for exporting manufacturing companies, in collaboration with Enterprise Estonia. The aim of the program was to help companies create new competitive product solutions and innovative business models. The development program includes training sessions, company visits and implementing development projects under the supervision of coaches.

Our role: preparing the development program, conducting sales, coordinating the work of trainers and coaches, program management.

  • Business model development training for SEB clients

Client: SEB

We conducted short business model training sessions during the SEB client days.

Our role: preparing and conducting the training sessions and coaches, program management.

  • Training session: Who needs your art? Using business analysis tools in creative work

Client: Estonian Academy of Arts

We conducted a business training session for creative entrepreneurs. We taught them how to use business model tools to analyze and develop creative work.

Our role: preparing and conducting the training session

  • TSU School of Entrepreneurship Estonian-Georgian development project

Client: this project was initiated by BDA Consulting, and was carried out in collaboration with Tbilisi State University. The project was funded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The objective of the project was to raise the entrepreneurial awareness of students at Tbilisi State University and motivate them to become entrepreneurs through an inspiring and competitive entrepreneurship program. We carried out an inspiration seminar and training program, together with a study trip to Estonia. The overall topic of the training program was business model development.

Our role: working out the conception of the project, carrying out the project.