Coaching and mentorship

The position of a manager or leader in a company or in an organisation requires leadership, quick decision making skills and motivating others. The team closest to the manager might be too large for one-on-one feedback, sharing ideas, and learning from others’ experience. This kind of situation requires hiring mentors or coaches who are willing to share their experience, share examples from other organisations and fields, and help you determine the questions and answers necessary to analyse certain problems and find solutions for them.


The objective of the mentorship / coaching programme is to raise the self-confidence of the manager or leader and his or her managerial skills, and to provide him or her with new knowledge. During the programme, an overview of the background of the chosen method and technique is given. The mentor and the mentee also agree upon the goals the programme should help them achieve. Information shared during the programme is confidential and the mentor/coach treats it as a trade secret, guaranteeing discretion.

Target group

Managers of enterprises or organisations, middle managers and key persons. The programme is also suitable for developing managers’ reserves.

12-month programme model:

  • Goal setting, introducing programme methods and techniques
  • Vision and the power of vision
  • Manager’s role and responsibilities
  • Self-analysis methods for managers
  • Motivation and motivating others. Self-motivation and self-critique.
  • Stress and coping with it
  • Special people, teams and creativity
  • Successful teams. Five enemies of teamwork, and how to overcome them.
  • Creating and maintaining trusting relationships
  • Efficiency and ways of making a profit
  • Strategies and scenarios
  • Business and activity model, developing the model
  • Lean processes in my organisation

The programme is devised based on the objectives of the participants, and the starting point. The topics within the programme can change, according to the focus. 

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