Harli Uljas

Partner and senior consultant
Fields: business development, regional development
+372 51 10 726
Skype: harliu1

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I am a partner and senior consultant at BDA. I help private businesses and public institutions assess the profitability of investments and create financial plans and analyses.


  • creating feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses
  • creating financial plans, analyses and models
  • creating business environment analyses, and conducting market research
  • data analysis
  • creating business plans
  • creating project applications for entrepreneurship programmes


My career background is diverse. I have worked as a journalist, public relations manager, business consultant and analyst.

I have 8 years of experience in creating feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses, financial plans and business plans, as well as conducting different studies.

Overview of my previous work

AS Lääne Raudtee (Estonian railway company) feasibility and cost-benefit analysis and loan application to European Investment Bank; Conducting different feasibility and cost-benefit analyses for applicants of Regional Competitiveness Improvement Support (6);  Compiling business and financial plans for different creative industry companies (3);  Compilation of development plans and financial models for health centers (4);  Compiling materials in connection with applying for a financial services license; Strategy documents for clusters (Estonian Healthtech Cluster and Estonian Road Cluster); Budget Strategy Training and consulting (for local governments); Public bike share system’s business plan based on Tartu city and compiled for Estonian Development Fund; 
Cost-benefit analysis for rebuilding Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS railway platforms according to European standards; cost-benefit analysis for Abruka liner; cost-benefit analysis for AS Eesti Raudtee investments; working out standardised unit prices for vocational schools; cost-benefit analysis on establishing Narva Library; cost-benefit analysis for Narva railway and bus station; report on “Effects of Entrepreneurship on Commuting Between Helsinki and Tallinn;” Waterlife market research; export plan for Saaremaa Lihatööstus, business plan for LCDVF, export plan for Cristella, creating development plans for Tartu Mill and Eesti Pagar; satisfaction study for Narva Vocational Training Centre; satisfaction study for Ida-Virumaa Vocational Education Centre; Keila City budget strategy; Padise Rural Municipality budget strategy, Risti Rural Municipality cash-flow plan; feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis on Kõue Rural Municipality KIK project, and others.