Lo Rihvk

Partner and CEO
Fields: entrepreneurship, business development, management, information society
+372 51 15 625
skype: lorihvk

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I am a partner and CEO at BDA Consulting. I also manage projects and work as a consultant in the fields of entrepreneurship, business development and information society.


  • business/department general management, team leading
  • devising, preparing and managing business projects
  • devising and carrying out different competitions
  • managing international projects
  • running professional development training projects and development projects
  • consulting on the creation of development plans


I have been involved with the development of BDA since 2006. Before becoming CEO, I was in charge of developing our consulting services for businesses and local governments. This experience provided me with extensive knowledge and skills in strategic planning and preparing and managing EU projects. Before coming to BDA, I worked in the Government Office of the Republic of Estonia, preparing and implementing an EU structural measure for the training and professional development of public officials. I have also worked in the private sector.

Over the last few years, I have managed several large projects both in Estonia and abroad. These challenging projects have involved coordinating complicated activities, developing networks, motivating people, managing a supra-organisational team and continuously generating new ideas and solutions.

Overview of my previous work

Developing and coordinating Mentoring Program for start-up entrepreneurs (Enterprise Estonia’s Project),   managing of competitions: Estonia’s Best Mobile Applications 2014 and 2016 and Estonia’s Best e-Service 2013 and 2015. Student VC Startup-Program for students.StartSmart Estonian-Finnish collaboration project; TSU School of Entrepreneurship and Smart-up Georgia, both Estonian-Georgian collaboration projects; Ajujaht business ideas competition; Enterprise Estonia’s cluster managers’ training programme; programme for rearranging the national funding of citizen unions; Enterprise Estonia product development master class; IT Academy background document; Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol strategy; Information Technology Foundation for Education strategy, and others.