Marikai Karilaid

Partner and project coordinator
Fields: entrepreneurship, business development, integration
+372 56 46 1333
Skype: marikai

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I am the founder, partner and public sector projects coordinator at BDA Consulting. I manage projects in the fields of entrepreneurship and integration. I also conduct professional development training sessions in the field of project management.


  • managing large-scale projects, including international projects
  • managing and coordinating the work of expert teams
  • managing the reporting of EU funded projects, with expertise in eligibility
  • conducting professional development training seminars in the field of project management, including financial management of projects


I am one of the founders of BDA, and have thus been involved with our work and projects from the very beginning. During the first years, I worked mainly with European Commission projects and other international projects. In the last years, I have been focused more on Estonian-based projects.

I have 15 years of experience in coordinating important large-scale projects in Estonia and abroad (in Turkey, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Finland, and other countries). I have also managed several large-scale projects and programmes which have included many partners and experts.

Overview of my previous work

Training programme for start-up entrepreneurs, project manager (Enterprise Estonia); diagnostics service for companies admitted into Development Programme, project coordinator (Entrerprise Estonia);  15 regional entrepreneurship days (held in each county), project manager (Enterprise Estonia); launch of information and advisory centres for third country nationals, project manager (Integration and Migration Foundation Our People; managing the StartSmart Estonian-Finnish collaboration project; running the programme for non-governmental organisations’ base training; eligibility expert at the project on “Purchasing a multifunctional vessel for the Police and Border Guard Board”; coordinating the Enterprise Estonia base training programme for new entrepreneurs; managing the Tehnopol customer company internationalisation acceleration training programme; managing the Enterprise Estonia Business Model traineeship programme; managing the reporting process for the Estonian Rescue Service GIS-112 software development project; managing the reporting process for the Audru International Car and Motorcycle Sports Centre (Auto24ring) project; monitoring Bulgarian and Romanian EU-funded projects; managing the project on “Organising information events on the possibilities of applying for citizenship;” training programmes on project management and financial planning for EU project managers, and others.