Rahel Lindpärg

Project Manager
Fields: entrepreneurship, business development, management
+372 5198 0067
Skype: rahel.lindparg





I am a project manager at BDA Consulting. I carry out projects primarily in the fields of entrepreneurship and business development.




  • project management
  • creating professional development training programmes and projects
  • organising and coordinating the project team’s work
  • customer-friendly communication with clients in sales processes, as well as in the consultation process


Since 2007 I have gained experience in the field of adult professional development training. I have planned, carried out and marketed training programs, managed a training company, prepared a large-scale international training procurement, and done various sales activities. I have organised development and training programmes in the fields of entrepreneurship, accounting, logistics, management, management of sales export, and law, among others. Before taking up a new project, I always pay a lot of attention to the preparation process. One of the most crucial elements in this process is finding out the actual needs of the client.

Overview of my previous work

Many training, development programs and projects targeted for businesses in different stages of development (containing elements of diagnostics, mentoring, inspiration and rising of business awareness); Enterprise Estonia’s small enterprise’s development program in collaboration with Invicta OÜ; Enterprise Estonia’s product development master class. My earlier work includes managing a year-long training programme from start to finish at the Marketing Institute; carrying out a thorough product development project for training programs; preparing the project and procurement for Enterprise Estonia’s training program for international export sales managers.