Teele Toots

Project manager
Fields: entrepreneurship, integration  
+372 51 08 777
Skype: teele.toots2

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I am a project manager of BDA Consulting OÜ. I coordinate training programmes and seminars, compile reports for various including large-scale projects. Mainly my area is entrepreneurship and integration. 


  • Coordinating seminars and trainings
  • Project reporting
  • Project assisting
  • Project accounting


I have previous experiences in the field of marketing but in BDA I have contributed to technical quality of administrating project. Assisting different projects is a very versatile work because I participate in all the projects of BDA more or less from booking seminar rooms to compiling huge financial reports. I have proven miself ot be a precise planner and ensured the perfect completion of projects. .

Overview of my previous work

Training for start-up entrepreneurs project’s coordinator and afterwards coordinating the follow-up events (client: Enterprise Estonia). Regional days of Entrepreneurship in each county, project coordinating. “Estonia’s Best Mobile Applications 2015” contest, project assistant. Technically assisting projects and business idea contests in Georgia: „TSU School of Entrepreneurship“ and „Smart-up Georgia“. Assisting a training for Narva’s tourist guides.  Administrating Estonian Logistics Cluster development project, reporting. Launch of information and advisory centers for third country nationals, project assistant. „Organizing Information Events on the Possibilities of Applying for Citizenship”, project assisting (Integration and Migration Foundation)