Project management

Do projects in your organisation tend to drag or take up too much of your time? Has more than one project gone over budget? Does your organisation lack the skills or the time to complete the project effectively?

Projects and project management take place in every organisation and every field. Each one-time assignment with certain duration, objective, expected outcome and given amount of resources is a project. Effective project management is the ability to make sure that the objectives of the project are achieved on time, effectively and with the given resources.

For a project to be successful, it is important to be thoroughly prepared, all of the risks mapped properly, and risks appropriately hedged. The team has to be motivated, and the timetable and budget must be monitored on a regular basis. The project manager should be experienced in managing projects, as well as in managing people. He or she has to have a wide perspective when it comes to dealing with different topics, and a personality to match with it – team worker, creative, able to handle stress, flexible, accurate and decisive, among others.

What we do:

We are focused on managing the following types of projects:

  • Training projects, which includes working out and conducting training programmes, organising seminars on various topics and on technical organisation, coaching and mentorship
  • Development projects, which includes developing systems and processes, products and services, and implementing changes
  • Competitions, which includes business competitions and determining best businesses, products or services
  • Notification projects, which includes organising and distributing notification of events, publications and materials
  • EU-funded projects regardless of the field and topic. Our main asset is thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations of EU support programmes, which makes us a trustworthy partner in managing EU-funded projects. We make it our priority to make sure that our projects are eligible.

Our project management service includes:

  • Determining project methods and approaches (for example training programmes and training methods, notification channels, inclusion, and others)
  • Constant monitoring of project activities and schedules
  • Planning project budgets and managing finances
  • Project team-building and team management
  • Coordinating and implementing project activities
  • Organising project communications
  • Creating project documents and document management
  • Risk management
  • Organising service procurements, communication with service providers and work
  • Creating project reports for the client and/or the donor
  • Assessing project results

In addition to national projects, we also carry out international ones. Our geographic scope covers Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kosovo, Serbia, Russia, Turkey, Malta, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Finland. 

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