Service design

Examples of our latest projects:

  • Service design training for Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.
  • Service design auditing Mooste Manor.
  • Service design auditing Tartu Folk High School.
  • Võru County Development Center’s training about heritage tourism service design and marketing for companies active in the area of heritage tourism.
  • A concept building for a Wow!Keskus in the framework applying for a support for international family tourism attractions (Enterprise Estonia’s support was granted).
  • A project related to enhancement of the regional competitiveness Enterprise Estonia’s support was granted for developing Haapsalu Bishop’s Castle into a theme center with a potential to be internationally recognized theme-center. We consulted the Foundation of Haapsalu and Läänemaa Museums in preparing the application, prepared the financial prognosis for the development project and helped them work out their concept.
  • Vastseliina Bishop’s Castle mediaeval theme park concept, action plan and cost-benefit analysis in the framework of enhancement of regional competitiveness. Additional consulting in the area of service design.
  • Working out a model for consulting services as a public service, through the process of an inclusive service design, and piloting the service during the test period (client: Integration and Migration Foundation “Our People”)
  • Service design training session for Narva area tour guides (client: Narva City Government)
  • Service design 3-day development program (client: MTÜ Võluvõru)
  • Service design training session for Haanja area tourism entrepreneurs and Rogosi Manor tour guides (client: Haanja Rural Municipality)
  • Service design training session for Anija Rural Municipality and Kõrvemaa area tourism entrepreneurs and developers of tourism objects (client: Anija Rural Municipality)
  • Service design master class for department managers and specialists at Tartu Vocational Education Centre (client: Tartu Vocational Education Centre)
  • Service design training sessions for Via Hanseatica tourism entrepreneurs, developers of tourism objects and tour guides (client: Tartu County Tourism Foundation, Ida-Viru Enterprise Centre)
  • Service design training session for new entrepreneurs (client: Estonian Unemployment Office)
  • Service design training session (client: Tartu Business Advisory Service Foundation)
  • Brief service design training (client: MTÜ Saarte Tourism Development Centre)