Service design

Most markets are saturated, which makes it difficult to be noticed. The functionality of a product or service is no longer enough. You have to provide maximum user experience and desirability. This leads us to one of the pillars of design thinking – focusing on people, or customer service.

Design is a lot more than just drawing a logo, designing a package or planning a product’s appearance. Strategic service design provides you with a competitive advantage through a customer-focused approach.

Service design helps you improve the way a service is offered to the customer, how the product reaches the customer, or what kind of mood the product or service creates. Excellence in offering service increases customer loyalty and helps you win new ones more easily.

Service design helps you find answers to the following questions:

How can I provide my customers with the best possible customer experience? Who should we target our product or service at? What are his/her needs? What does he/she value? What kind of customer experience does he/she desire? Which parts of my product/service should I rearrange and improve in order to guarantee the best service and customer loyalty? How can I find and win over new clients through service development?

What we do:

We conduct service design training seminars, to various degrees and lengths. We also moderate the process of service development.

During the service design process, we will specify your objectives and what it is that you wish to achieve with service development. We will also get to know your customer and his/her expectations. We will map the service offer process, as well as the customer’s journey and experience. We will ask the question “why” five times, so as to find the actual reasons for things. As a result, you will be provided with a service innovation plan. 

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