Strategies, business plans and development plans

Examples of our latest projects:

  • Strategy development for  The Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation 

Client: Tallinn University

We involved Andro Kullerkupp as a business development mentor. A business development mentor supported the center in maximizing their business potential with a development strategy. Andro shaped the attitude of the center and in the area of strategic management, upgraded the competencies of the managers in the area of strategic planning.  As a result a business strategy for the Tere KK was developed for a period 2017 – 2023.

  • Leading of East-Harju Partnerships Leader areas strategy making workgroups.

Tellija: East-Harju Partnership

Moderating of East-Harju Partnership’s Leader areas strategy making workgroups in the areas of investments and local food. The moderating included analysis of the area, mapping te expectations of the participants, defining the aims, making a development plan.  It resulted in an input for their strategy making.

  • Strategy Day (Ida-Virumaa Vocational Education Centre) 

Client: Ida-Virumaa Vocational Education Centre

Strategy day for the leaders of the Vocational Education Centre. It resulted in updating their development plan.

  • Järvamaa place/destination marketing strategy and action plan

Client: Association of Järva County Municipalities

Our role: introduction to destination marketing, carrying through development seminars, compiling a project for strategy document, presenting the project on a Järva county’s vision conference.

  • Updating Cell Therapy Clusters strategy and financial plans

Client: Cell Therapy Cluster, Cellin Technologies OÜ

Revising present and shaping new strategical directions and sales arguments. Compiling financial plans. Our role: strategy building

  • Oil Shale Competence Center s strategy for 2020 

Client: Tallinn University of Technology and Virumaa College

Interviewing the center’s partners and clients, analyzing the results and presenting them. Preparing and executing development seminars, compiling the strategy document and presenting it to the client. Our role: strategy building

  • Strategy 2016 – 2020 and busyness model for Mäetaguse Manor’s tourism complex

Client: Mäetaguse Parish

We compiled the complex’s strategy and advised Mäetaguse in developing their business model as well as service design.  Our role: strategy building, concept building and developing of a working business model, action planning etc.

  • Business planning for Laitse Manors Hotel

Client: Jolli Invest OÜ

Our role: action model, business model, business plan

  • Incubator Tallinn and Creative Industries Development Centre development plan

Client: Business Support and Credit Management Foundation

Creating the 2014-2018 development plan for Incubator Tallinn and Creative Industries Development Centre (development seminars, creating and presenting the final document, analyzing the current situation, action plans, measures). Our role: conducting development seminars, creating the development plan document.

  • Sillamäe Vocational School development plan

Client: Sillamäe Vocational School

We created the 2014-2020 development plan for the Sillamäe Vocational School. Our role: managing work groups, creating the development plan document together with the lead group, presenting the document to the employees of the vocational school.

  • Estonian Information Society development plan 2020 – carrying out workshops

Client: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

The objective of the 2020 information society development plan is to agree upon, and create conditions for using the possibilities that ICT offers to the fullest, so as to face the challenges that the Estonian economy and society might meet. In order to get input for the development plan, workshops were carried out in the most important fields (interoperability of state information systems, export of e-state solutions, trends in technology, ICT and public administration, information society coordination, e-skills). Our role: Conducting the workshops and discussions, making conclusions that would work as an input for creating the Estonian information society development plan 2020.

  • Information Technology Foundation for Education strategy 2014-2020

Client: Information Technology Foundation for Education

Creating the strategy for the Information Technology Foundation for Education for 2014-2020, including determining the vision, mission and strategic objectives, as well as action plans. Our role: managing the strategy process, conducting development seminars, interviewing critical partners, creating the strategy document.

  • Keila City development plan 2020

Client: Keila City Government

We created the development plan for Keila city until 2020. Our role: managing work groups to gather input for the development plan, creating the development plan document.

  • Emumäe Nature and Landscape Park concept creation

Client: MTÜ Emumäe Development Centre

The goal of this project is to establish a diverse environmentally friendly public leisure area in Emumäe that would improve the reputation of the area and encourage visits to the region. The architectural plans for the holiday resort will be developed in cooperation with KAOS Arhitektid. Our role: conducting development seminars, creating the concept of the Emumäe nature and landscape park and leisure center.

  • Health Promotion and Rehabilitation Competence Centre strategy, feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis

Client: Health Promotion and Rehabilitation Competence Centre

The aim of the strategy is to formulate a vision, long-term goals, operation model, and success factors for the competence center. Through the feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis, our aim is to analyze the expediency of the planned investments, establish a sustainable financial and operation model for the competence center, and determine the responsibilities of partners. The project has resulted in a strategy, feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis, which will serve as a basis for further development operations that will be carried out in cooperation with the project parties. Our role: management of the strategy process, formulation of the strategy, execution of the cost-benefit analysis

  • Strategy of Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol 2013-2020

Client: Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol

We compiled the strategic plan for Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol for the years 2013–2020. Our role: management of the strategy process, carrying out development seminars, interviewing essential partners, compilation of the strategy document.

  • Audru International Car and Motorcycle Sports Centre product concept development

Client: A2 Racing MTÜ

The feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis also involved the elaboration of the product concept and services, determining the project’s target groups and marketing strategy, and the execution of the operation model and financial analysis. The investment received financial aid from Enterprise Estonia’s regional competitive strength enhancement program in the amount of 50 000 000 Estonian kroons. Our role: development of the cost-benefit analysis and compilation of application documents.