Training programmes and workshops

Do you feel like you need to update your knowledge? Would you like some confirmation for your ideas? Would you like to step out of your daily routine and systematically think about the bigger picture? Would you like to become a better manager or team member? Would you like to learn new methods and skills?

The purpose of training programmes is to obtain new knowledge and skills. But we believe that it is just as important to remind yourself of existing skills and refresh your knowledge of older ones. It is also important to step out of your everyday environment, and get some sense of the big picture. Training sessions will help you do that! Even if it’s just one new idea, feeling, or drive to do something better or differently, the training session will have paid off.

In today’s information society, it is possible to obtain new information and knowledge through so many different channels. The purpose of training programmes is to systematise this information, as well as provide you with tips on how to implement it. It is important not to underestimate the role and value of fellow trainees, with whom you can share and discuss your problems. You can also learn from others’ experience. This is our philosophy on training programmes.

Training topics

We carry out training programmes in all the fields we work in. In addition to this, we are willing to build a team of trainers especially for you and carry out long-term training programmes in many different fields.

We offer training programmes in the following fields:

  • Business model analysis and development
  • Service design
  • Training programmes for managers and teams
  • Project management, including financial management

Our training programmes are usually targeted at entrepreneurs, managers and project managers, but we do offer specific training programmes for tourism entrepreneurs and organisations, as well as managers of tourism destinations and tourist attractions (for example, in developing tourism products, destinations, place or destination marketing, etc).

What we do:

  • We work out a training programme
  • We build the team of experts to conduct your training sessions, whether from our own team our from outside
  • We take care of the technical details of the training sessions (rooms, lunches and coffee breaks, and other details)
  • We gather feedback and assess the outcome of the training programme 

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