Training sessions and master classes

Some of our latest projects:

  • Enterprise Estonia product development master class

Client: Enterprise Estonia

We are carrying out a development programme for exporting manufacturing companies, in collaboration with Enterprise Estonia. The aim of the programme is to help companies create new competitive product solutions and innovative business models. The development programme includes training sessions, company visits and implementing development projects under the supervision of coaches.

Our role: preparing the development programme, conducting sales, coordinating the work of trainers and coaches, programme management.

  • Enterprise Estonia base training for new entrepreneurs

Client: Enterprise Estonia

We are conducting a substantial training programme for new entrepreneurs, in collaboration with Enterprise Estonia. The training programme deals with business model development. We will carry out 29 training sessions in all 15 counties in Estonia, and talk to 600 new entrepreneurs about starting a business.

Our role: preparing the training programme, coordinating the work of trainers, managing the programme.

  • Training programme for Via Hanseatica tourism entrepreneurs and guides

Clients: Ida-Virumaa Entrepreneurship Centre and Tartu County Tourism Foundation (SA Tartumaa Turism)

During the training programme, participants (45 entrepreneurs and 30 guides) received information about the Via Hanseatica concept, tourism resources, cooperation, event organisation, product development, packaging, service design, innovation in tourism, sales, provision of services, communication, and utilisation of media, including social media. The training programme comprised 7 two-day training modules.

Our role: compilation of the training programme, conducting training sessions, project management and working out study materials.

  • Business idea generation seminars

Client: Enterprise Estonia

On the initiative of Enterprise Estonia, county development centres arrange traditional entrepreneurship days, which take place in every Estonian county between April and October. The key idea of the regional entrepreneurship days is the generation of business ideas and the execution of these ideas; another major topic is how to find the motivation and confidence to start an enterprise.

Our role: our role during the entrepreneurship days is to conduct the seminars for generating business ideas. The seminars offer techniques and tools for self-analysis, and identifying aims and opportunities in order to develop the brightest and most inspirational business ideas. Based on these ideas, courage and confidence can be found to start an enterprise. 

  • Tourism destination management development programme

Client: Enterprise Estonia

In 2012, Enterprise Estonia commissioned BDA Consulting OÜ, in cooperation with a consultancy partner from UK, to conduct a development programme for tourism destination management, which involved training modules for approximately 60 people totalling 96 academic hours, and a 5-day study trip to Slovenia. Guideline materials for destination management were compiled as a result of the project.

Our role: training project management, coordinating the compilation of the training programme, preparing guideline materials in cooperation with external experts. 

  • Strategic planning competency development training programme

Client: Ministry of Finance

A training programme in strategic planning for the managers and specialists of ministry departments who participate in the compilation, analysis and assessment of field-related and organisation-based development programmes.

Our role: elaboration and execution of the training programme.

  • International tourist attraction development training programme

Client: Enterprise Estonia

The training programme on the development of international tourist attractions was a three-module training programme aimed at improving specific knowledge of key persons in the field of tourism destinations. The target group included developers of tourist attractions, tourism specialists at rural municipalities, and tourism development organisations as well as specialists from Estonian Tourism Administration. The training programme consisted of four 3-day sessions and included approximately 100 participants.

Our role: development and execution of the training programme, project management.

  • Base training in pre-incubation entrepreneurship

Client: Tallinn Incubators

The aim of these training programmes is to foster the generation and development of sustainable entrepreneurship with growth potential and to decrease development risks for starting entrepreneurs by offering incubation services. Topics include entrepreneurship basics, business model analysis and business plan compilation.

Our role: compilation and execution of the training programme.

  • Training programme for Järvamaa County tourism entrepreneurs

We conducted a training programme in order to develop the cooperation network among tourism organisations in the area. The programme included the following topics: strategic planning, product development, marketing, branding, and others. The training programme resulted in marketing plans for participating enterprises and organisations, and input for the marketing strategy and action plan of Järvamaa as a destination.

Our role: compilation and execution of the training programme.

  • Training programme for cluster managers

Client: Enterprise Estonia

The goal of the project was to offer cluster managers the knowledge and skills required to process their common ideas and prepare the collaborative projects necessary for strategic cooperation. The training programme consisted of three modules and a study trip. The programme was carried out in cooperation with external partners.

Our role: compiling and conducting the training programme in cooperation with external partners; project management.

  • Accelerated internationalisation of Tehnopol’s customer enterprises

Client: Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol

Brief description: we conducted a training programme that covered the following topics: presentation of a company, from funding opportunities to sales, and the role of the manager in an evolving organisation. We provided consultations on tactical plans and action plans. We organised study trips to San Jose, California; Paris, France; Bulgaria and Romania.

Our role: compiling and conducting the programme in cooperation with external experts; project management.